Extended Learning Guide

Extended Learning at California State University San Marcos


Extended learning is one way through which you can achieve your life goals. It helps you learn new skills and gain new understanding. The knowledge gathered through extended learning can be used for personal development, professional development or changing career. The extended learning arm of the California state anniversary San Marcos is happy to inform you of their continuing education courses.


 They have courses that cater all fields ranging from health and business and technology. The university is committed to developing extended learning curriculum that answers the current day industry and life questions. Their courses are for you if you are an employee, employer, or in the military.  They have programs for master degrees, bachelor degrees, and credit and non-credit certificates. If you are looking for a non-credit certificate, you can take it online.


San Diego online learning is aimed at bringing practical skills to the working professionals. If you are an employer and want your employee to further their skills, the extended learning arm can provide on-site training to your employees. With the increased need for competitiveness in production and business, you may want customized training for your workforce. The university team is willing to discuss with you the program that will see a growth of the potential in your employees. They will develop a unique and customized program to fit your workforce and deliver it on the work site.


Their commitment to giving valuable education is seen with contained updates of their courses. You can do a college sampling and you can see that their courses are up to date with current needs. They understand that career needs are changing and you need to be at the top to remain competitive.  They are a premier provider of lifelong learning programs in San Diego and southwest riverside counties. They use their capabilities and resources to grow creativity, imaginations, and entrepreneurship. They ensure that the uphold ethics, prudence and customer focus in offering their sound academic programs. Learn more about education at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_education.


Professional development extended learning arm serves as a link between CSUSM and the community thereby promoting positive change for both.  Their programs are made for people who want t further their career goals, change the career or grow the business.  They serve a variety of institutions including employees in business, health organizations, education institutions, non-profit agencies, governments and military establishments.  For some special audiences, the program may be delivered on contract basis in other countries.